About Delbrook Capital Advisors Inc.

Delbrook Capital Advisors is an independent investment manager that offers investors unique growth opportunities within the metals and mining sector.
Established in 2010, founder Matthew Zabloski set out to build a sector focused firm committed to superior fundamental analysis and security selection. His initial investment thesis was simple: the metals and mining sector presents significant opportunities for capital appreciation.
Over his decade of capital markets experience with RBC, Fidelity and Cambridge Advisors, Zabloski gained an appreciation for the benefits of resource sector exposure. Decreased portfolio risk, by virtue of the sector’s low correlation to broader equities, and higher overall returns are outcomes of a properly positioned portfolio. Historically dominated by over reactive decision making by investment managers, Zabloski was confident he could offer a more sustainable alternative for investors.

In 2013, after three years of focusing on managed accounts, the Delbrook Resource Opportunities Fund was launched with the belief money can be made in both bull and bear markets by applying a disciplined approach to security selection.

Currently listed on FundSERV, the Fund is available to investment advisors and private investors via subscription agreement.